The coloring and flavor

Like a lightning strike
There are many ways to sew ugly clothes: you can take in 2018 patterns from the magazine "Worker" for some 1960 and advertise the result as products of the "author's…

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How to make a waist
It is strange that the concepts of "oversize" and" fitted " are often opposed to each other. To make a beautiful waist, we just need clothes that went a lot…

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O sport, you are a trend
We are all hostages of the information bubble that has been carefully created for us by the endlessly descending and updating news feeds. We think that any information we receive…

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8 reasons to be beautiful and stylish

Вeautiful and stylish beauty questions have always remained relevant. It is known that Cleopatra, Madame Pompadour, Madame Clicquot and other characters who remained in history because of their beauty and femininity, attached great importance to beauty and paid attention to the care of their body and creating their seductiveness.
In the 20th and 21st century, aesthetic medicine and the entire beauty industry made a huge leap in development, and now on the pages of glamorous publications we can see perfectly made silicone beauties, perfect goddesses of style and aesthetics. The beauty industry has entered our daily life with confidence. Continue reading

Basic wardrobe

Basic wardrobe, or what should be in every woman’s closet.
Do you know the fable of the Swan, the Crayfish, and the Pike? All three took up the same task-to carry the cart. But no matter how they pulled it, nothing came out. Can you remember why? Yes, Yes! They pulled him in different directions.
In a disordered women’s wardrobe, it’s just like in a fable: every thing is good in its own way, but it plays a completely useless role. Clothing, shoes and accessories can be super fashionable, expensive, and they will not be of any use if they do not match each other.
so, we offer to change the “one-time” wardrobe to the basic wardrobe-super versatile, neutral and transformable! To begin with, let’s define two main characteristics of such a wardrobe: Continue reading

Beauty secrets from the world of stars

1. Mix different shades of lipstick
“I really like to apply lipstick in several layers of different shades, so that the result is completely new colors. I start with matte shades of dry lipsticks, then apply more oily lipsticks and the fattest top layer.”
– Gwen Steffani
Beauty secrets from world stars2. Blow dry … lashes
“To make your lashes curl better, before Curling your lashes with special forceps, for a second or two, direct a stream of warm air from the hair dryer at them..”
– Isla Fisher Continue reading

What men don’t like about women’s appearance

It will not surprise anyone that men have their own fairly strong opinion about women’s hairstyles and cosmetics.
One of the most visited sites of the American Internet space Totalbeauty conducted a survey among men: what hairstyles and makeup most repel a man in a woman. Some of the results were quite surprising.
What men don’t like about women’s appearance is natural, that men’s opinions differ: someone likes what other women just can’t stand. Some like long-haired beauties, others prefer sexy short haircuts. Some go crazy about natural beauty and almost complete lack of cosmetics, while others consider red lipstick the height of sexuality. Continue reading

Trends of this summer

And again summer… and again bright styles and exuberant colors. Having finally woken up from the cold winter and the inviting warmth of spring, ladies of all ages and generations are ready to appear in all their glory before the male half of humanity. But to stand out in the crowd is now not enough just to wear a mini-skirt-belt, profitable or not quite profitable to emphasize all the charms of your legs. It is not enough to wear just tops of bright colors and make up brighter. This season’s trends dictate a completely different fashion. You need to look in the trend, and for this you will have to go back to the well-forgotten lace, Maxi skirts, headbands a La hippie and many other fashionable things that are now so popular. So, what should be in your wardrobe and in your box of accessories to make your bow incredibly fashionable? Continue reading

How not to dress men
Each of us, at least once in our lives, but witnessed “male "conversations, such as" this breast is small, and this one can not paint”. And every time, becoming an…


Simple complicated things: jeans and t-shirt
The simpler the image, the more difficult it is to create. It would seem that you can ruin a combination of jeans + t-shirt? Since we are talking about the…


About clothes and men: an interview with a psychologist on a topic I don't write about
At the end of December, I got the idea to talk to someone really competent about a topic that, whether you like it or not, POPs up in every second…


How to dress when there is no place to dress
Have you noticed that the phrase "she dresses well" does not specify where exactly she dresses? While in our daily worries "what to wear" is certainly present this insidious "where".…