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How to dress women with shapes

A huge number of articles have been written about how to dress women with shapes. I do not have any philosopher’s stone, thanks to which I can authoritatively state that everything written earlier is a deception of trusting readers, but you will find the most effective recipe in the world in my place. Nevertheless, I have some thoughts on the subject. And these thoughts may not please you.

First, let’s define what type of completeness we are dealing with. No, I’m not talking about “pear-Apple”. I’m talking about the feeling of comfort in your own actual weight. I am very far from saying that being thin is good, and being full is bad. But you yourself should be good at the weight you are in. And this weight is different for everyone. For example, I am 44 Russian size. When I lose weight to 42-I feel weak, nervous, quickly get tired and hate the whole world. If I get better before 46 – it’s hard for me to see myself in the mirror, the growing fat is loose, watery, the naked eye can see that it is superfluous. I don’t like myself like this. At the same time, I have friends who are good at 46-48, and if they lose weight before 44, they feel about the same as I do at 42. And there are those who are comfortable in 40, and 42 is too much for them. All have the same height-high. What’s all this about? To the fact that weight is not a fashion item, but a subject of individual body structure and inner self-approval. You need to adjust your weight (or maintain it) not for the sake of magazine standards, but only based on your inner feelings.

On the other hand, completeness is often associated with such a concept as “launched itself”. Married – and launched. Gave birth – and launched. Stress at work-stuck-stuck, and launched. And, what the hell, is to share the homespun truth. A rare woman who does not follow herself loses weight (sometimes this happens, but then she rather does not lose weight, but dries up – which also does not add charm, anyway). Very often, fullness is somehow connected with an unwashed head, and untidy clothes, and with some General trouble, disorder in life. Yes, if a woman does not have at least a few hours a week that she could devote to physical exercises, cosmetic procedures and meticulous choice of clothes to wear – this is a problem, you do not need to deceive anyone. I would also venture to note that 99.9% of women have these few hours a week, of course. Why they prefer to spend these hours on other things is a subject of discussion much deeper than “fashion and beauty”.

Any woman, thin or plump, armed with the desire to feel good and look attractive, simply must:

To follow the diet
Walking in the fresh air
Watch your skin
Keep track of underwear (which should hold the breast, if necessary, be tight, do not create rollers and folds on the body – which often makes a bra too tight, etc.)
Well, Yes, but as you wanted. There is some common failure in the reasoning about thinness and fullness. Somehow it is believed that the thin torture themselves, standing in the bar at 7 am, at 8 they choke on a lettuce leaf, and at 9 they already begin to starve in anticipation of a lunch consisting of a piece of boiled chicken breast. And full “do not torment themselves”, get enough sleep in the morning, and do not do exercises, allow themselves pork with cheese sauce for lunch and cake “Napoleon” for dinner. And all the problems of the latter only consist in spending more time and finally finding the right fabric, length and shape of the neckline of the dress, which will hide all the shortcomings, and emphasize the advantages. No, no, and no. Everyone should take care of themselves. Why do you think plus size models look so blooming? Do you think these girls don’t go to a fitness club? Don’t prefer green salad to barbecue ribs? Nothing like that. A woman can be beautiful in any weight and size, Yes! But on the condition that she still looks after herself.
Moreover, there are several things that women with forms need to follow much more carefully than thin women. All this can be called in one word “concentration”. The fullness of the body does not tolerate a raskhristannogo, hippie image in everything from loose thin clothes to the lack of makeup. I would even say that it is appropriate for overweight women to wear makeup and dress one step stricter than the circumstances require. Boats on skewers, perhaps, should not be worn. But you can think about changing your sneakers to slip-ons, and a hoodie to a tight long cardigan. Face tone, slightly highlighted cheekbones and lipstick always seem mandatory to me, even when walking with children.

And now imagine her without a tone, red lipstick and hairstyle
As for clothing. Here you need to be aware that no clothing will ever make you slimmer by 2-3 sizes. Maximum, maximum of one. And most likely-half the size. When choosing clothes, you need to understand that the choice you have is this: look good or bad in it. But there is no clothing that would make a woman of size 48+ 44. For the same reason, you should not try to “fit” into smaller clothes at all costs. Who do you want to fool? Seller? Yourself? Don’t, it won’t work.

The following tips also seem reasonable to me:

Open the most subtle parts of the body. The sleeve of the dress should ” cut ” the thin wrist approximately in half, so that you can see how the thin hand is hiding under the fabric. The hem of the dress-to open thin ankles and hide full calves

Always, at the first opportunity, prefer flat heels. Heels make your legs longer and slimmer

Wear trousers that are narrowed down and slightly shortened (to the ankle)

Wear jackets and blazers below the hip line. They should end where your leg begins to narrow. The most unfortunate length that even a fairly slender woman makes a square is the length that ends in the middle of the thigh

Emphasis on wide hips
Prefer dense fabrics and rigid silhouettes (for example, a tight a-line dress with sufficiently slender legs will hide the fullness in the abdomen and thighs). Forget about all the thin cozy cardigans and blouses, under which your forms waver.

But the ideas about vertical stripes and small print seem far-fetched to me. Moreover, in some articles it is written that it is better to wear a small print, and in others – that a large one. And horizontal stripes are very even and look good not just for the skinny women. Here are some pictures. I don’t see any difference.

And here’s the vertical bar. Not that it made the girl slimmer:

And about the belt (I wrote about it separately). It is often recommended to designate “the most slender part of the body-the waist-with a belt, creating an hourglass”. Let’s be blunt. When the thinnest part of the body passes 80-90 centimeters, it is not so thin. And the belt will only emphasize this volume. Choose clothes that will keep your figure collected without any belts – this is a much more advantageous option.
Yes, the girl here is thin. But in this dress extra pounds on the stomach and thighs can easily hide and a girl with forms

Well, for more information, I repeat, you will find in a million articles on the Internet. All tips should be tried in front of a mirror. Otherwise, how do you know what suits you and what doesn’t?

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