His Majesty's dress-combination
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How to choose an evening dress
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Season of terrible ankle boots
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O sport, you are a trend

We are all hostages of the information bubble that has been carefully created for us by the endlessly descending and updating news feeds. We think that any information we receive must contain something new. And content creators think that only news can attract our attention. That’s why we keep reading about new trends. New ideas from designers. New models of bags, hats and sneakers. And we get the impression that you need to “keep up” with fashion, “chase” and that this occupation is meaningless: “today is an oversize, and tomorrow there will be a sheath dress again, I’d better wait.” On the one hand, this is due to the fact that not everyone understands the difference between “fast” and “slow” trends (I wrote about this). On the other hand, slow trends are simply not covered by anyone (and where is the news, the editor will ask). This creates a completely false impression that they are no longer relevant. Well, I don’t have an editor, so I remind you: sportswear is still the most alive in 2018. Let’s look at examples.


Olympian (zip neck top — I bring English names to make it easier for you to search for them in Pinterest, Google or online stores) is now worn (News! News!) with a skirt:
Red Valentino-here, it seems, is presented a one-piece dress. But what an experienced fashionista should see is just a fashionable silhouette that combines a pleated skirt with a sports top. An inexperienced mod has only one way — to go to buy this product. The experienced person has a choice. You can buy such a dress, or you can pull out two items from the wardrobe and combine them.
Very oversize sports jacket
You can also wear it under a jacket (this is the technique I showed in the photo from Zara in my instagram)…

I’m going to illustrate absolutely all trends with at least one photo of a woman over 50 years old — to somehow contribute to the elimination of the idea that “you can only dress up young” or, in any case, “after XXX years, a woman can not wear YYY”. Everything is possible for everyone.
…or A jacket:

Hers, of course, with trousers:

On a sweater

The tracksuit continues to be worn under the coat (or raincoat):

And sports shorts (you can men’s, I did, see a fresh post in instagram), are worn on leggings:

And, of course, the oversize hoodie looks great with a dress or skirt:

Post about the socks I will write separately. Since last year, I’m going, it’s time!
Well, where are we without sports pants, they look very fresh with a classic men’s shirt:

And a jacket. Heels can be lured to sneakers if you want.
For dessert. Instead of a turtleneck, you can use a compression t-shirt (well, or a turtleneck sewn in the image and likeness):

Sportmax. Remember how long the neck should be for a turtleneck. The collar should not touch the lower jaw, after the turtleneck there should be a neck.

O sport, you are a trend
We are all hostages of the information bubble that has been carefully created for us by the endlessly descending and updating news feeds. We think that any information we receive…


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