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How to choose an evening dress

I was asked several times to tell you about evening dresses. Well, I think I’ve collected my thoughts. The question “what to wear” to a special event is not in vain baffles almost every woman. It’s really complicated. But the complexity of it is not to correctly match the almost mythical dress codes of high-society events black tie and white tie, as every second article on the topic will tell you with a sigh. The difficulty is that, one way or another, an evening social event or a festive dinner in a restaurant is not an ordinary event for you, it is relatively rare. And what happens when we encounter rare and unusual events (from an interview to a first date)? Correctly. We are afraid, nervous, indulge in frightening or joyful fantasies and consider such an event as a chance to realize long-standing dreams, from which the event takes on a rather threatening scale in our imagination.

I will not consider in this article a situation where going out is a routine for a woman. If you take part in a TV program in the morning, and in the evening a speech at a corporate party and champagne on the occasion of the opening of a new boutique, then, Ksenia Anatolyevna, unfortunately, I can not tell you anything new. But seriously, the question “what to do if I’m invited to walk the red carpet at the Cannes film festival or the white house correspondents ‘Association dinner” is not so difficult. Study the same dress code on the invitation, understand whether you need a floor-length dress or can do without, look at photos of guests from previous events. Then it’s up to your daily taste. It is difficult to dress perfectly for a big event if your everyday images, let’s say, do not give away your interest in fashion. And if you work on your style every day, then you will not be able to get your hair done in Cannes.

Now to the point. What “evening” events can happen in the life of an ordinary woman? Going to the theater. Corporate party. Dinner in a high-class restaurant (and high requirements for the appearance of visitors). Exhibition opening. The award ceremony (not an Oscar, but a little simpler, for example, “GQ Person of the year”). Premiere of the film. That sort of thing.

The most important thing to know is that the dress code rules have undergone a very, very serious democratization in recent years. You will not need a floor-length dress for any of these events (unless the invitation explicitly States otherwise). An open back almost everywhere will look extremely pretentious and, unfortunately, extremely inappropriate (and a dress with a cleavage, a bare back and a floor — and I have seen this in the Bolshoi theater-is somewhere beyond the possibilities of fashion criticism).

The problem is not that we do not have a dress for an unusual and solemn event for us. The problem is that the dress that girls dream of since childhood, a real Princess dress, can not be put on anywhere in life, so as not to be exposed to malicious laughter. Hell, I certainly dream of a gorgeous Scarlett O’hara dress made of green velvet Drapes (I’m serious). But no one goes anywhere in these dresses anymore.

Also, you should not go anywhere in dresses that are at least somewhat similar to the costumes of professional ballroom dancers. In General, this is, of course, the riddle of the century: why ballroom dance competitions, such a fine art, demonstrate a simply enchanting parade of exemplary tastelessness. Starting from brown auto-tan in eight layers and ending with the cut and texture of dresses. Here, look at the photo and never buy anything like it (even if it remotely resembles it). Remember that ballroom dancing is a thing in itself that has nothing to do with fashionable evening dresses.

Somewhere in the neighborhood of balnikov’s dresses are also dresses from the average evening wear rental. They are, you know, very difficult to distinguish from carnival costumes. Beads on thin fabrics, cheap satin, asymmetrical hemlines, metal plates, inappropriate bows, stuffed mermaid tails. See for yourself, well, the horror is the same:

The danger is also a dress that hangs in your closet for 5 years and waits in the wings-believe me, a trained eye will notice that it is 5 years old. Moreover, this dress hanging in the closet begins to guide you. It asks for “exit”. It asks the question: “well, don’t they go to restaurants in floor-length dresses?”. Very rare, actually. For most restaurants, even the most expensive ones, jeans and a smart blazer, for example, are more than enough.

And all that I said about dresses (and in fact I said that there are almost no events for which they must necessarily be purchased, moreover, some special ones that you will not wear during the day) – this is good! When public appearances are infrequent, the task is not only to look beautiful and appropriate, but also not to spend the annual state budget of starving Rwanda. Here I remember a girl who bought a fur coat “no more than 10,000 rubles” in “Anonymous shopaholics” (imagine what they offered her for shorn rats of “large binding”, right?), to walk beautifully in it to the restaurant. And I understand and deeply sympathize with this girl. She doesn’t have the inner freedom to wear a parka over a cocktail dress. There is no inner freedom not to wear a cocktail dress at all. And she rushes in a tight corner, in which she drove herself, for fear of not meeting the expectations of the guards and cloakroom attendants from the appearance of the guests of the institution.

Before moving on to good examples and recommendations, let me show you a couple more “how not to”examples.

This image is needed for reference. In the sense that you need to be as far away from such a landmark as possible: abundant makeup, boots, a dress that is both outdated (well, that’s fine), and desperately does not match either the face or the shoes.

And when I saw this image in the TV series “Flesh and bones”, I just screamed with delight. After all, the work of stylists in movies and TV series is akin to the work of a satirist writer. It was necessary to portray so accurately a poor young girl who was going to an expensive restaurant with an elderly admirer. A tight mini-dress (then it turned out that it was a mini-skirt and top, but not the essence), on top of it — a thin blouse (blouse!). Because it’s cool. And take the subway. And somehow it’s a shame with open shoulders. And put on a leather jacket or parka-no, well, how so (“this is not worn”). And a bag from the “neither fish nor meat” series. And “whore’s shoes” is a phrase of the heroine’s envious girlfriends. But girlfriends are right, right of course. My shoes stink of sex. Combined with the rest of the attire-cheap sex. Ah in General you understood, so, too, not need to:


Is there a way? It is better to give preference:

simple straight dresses that can be decorated with accessories. Moreover, earrings and bracelets look better than necklaces and pendants.

sets of a smart skirt and shirt or top (or maybe a sweatshirt, Yes)

sets of trousers and tops, jeans and blazers

pyjama pantsuits (and so on)

classic shoes, both pumps and loafers (but not sandals or boots). Although summer can be and sandals. And you can without a heel, it’s very beautiful! Take a look below at the example of Dior haute couture

clutches and small handbags (nothing gives away the fact that you only have one decent bag as well as trying to fit your shopper or tote to an evening outfit)

Well, finally, I recommend not to neglect fashionable techniques like a dress over trousers or a transparent Cape dress over the same jeans and top (a tulle dress will be a hit, that’s for sure!). And never forget that manicure, clean, laid by a modern master (without hard curls), head, and bright lipstick-this is more than half the battle.

Transparent capes are like lifesavers. If you don’t want to buy a dress, just buy a Cape and experiment with it.
If you really want a dress, look at their modern forms. The lines are clear and simple. And, as you can see, no heels. The Dior house is still an example, isn’t it?

In this very simple dress from Zara, you can easily go to a restaurant or to a birthday party. Bracelets, watches, nail Polish and a handbag and you are ready. Yes, everything is so simple now.

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