When there are too many rules
I've been obsessed with rules and boundaries all week. I talk about them at a table in a cafe, read them in comments, hear them at seminars, and discuss them…

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Magazines: read correctly (and train on autumn trends)
I thought: it can't be that only fashion magazines are to blame for the fact that, following their advice, it is impossible to learn how to dress well and modernly.…

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Layering: new ideas
The way to combine several "tops" in one image at the same time is not new. A bomber or leather jacket under a coat will not surprise anyone at all.…

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Magazines: read correctly (and train on autumn trends)

I thought: it can’t be that only fashion magazines are to blame for the fact that, following their advice, it is impossible to learn how to dress well and modernly. There can be no such thing as a mouthpiece designed to convey the latest fashion trends to the interested masses, so consistently (and, apparently, maliciously-otherwise, how to explain such a result?) misrepresented information. Surely we, as readers, also make some mistakes in the process of perception of information. It is worth thinking about it a little, and it turns out that, Yes, and readers are not without sin.

Is this how we read the magazine? We buy it, for example, during the lunch break. We come back to the office with a glass of latte, throw the magazine on the table, throw ourselves on a chair, stretch our legs and tear the cellophane wrapper : “well, at least five minutes to rest, see what people are wearing, while I’m here like a damned thing, except for work and nowhere to go.” Flipping through, we see the section “Trends”. So, what do you need to buy? What to add to your wardrobe? Oh, here you are. Leopard, fur, leather, denim, pleated skirts, pantsuits, military. The color of the season: blue. There is no time to read it, there are not so many pictures in the printed version (you also need to cram the section “Psychology”, and “Social life”, and “Horoscope”). The magazine moves to a colleague or to the far corner of the table. The next time we think about trends is when we shop. Whether it’s online or traditional retail, it doesn’t matter. The main thing we remember: fur, leather, military, blue. Here is this jacket — strange any, here is this-it is unclear that, and here is this-wonderful, familiar silhouette, me goes, several years wore such a — many run was. Leather, blue. Well, I dressed according to the trends. I’ll find the rest in the closet. I have a fur coat (remember about fur in the trend).

You may have already realized that this course of action is nothing but a big mistake. The main thing in the trends of the season is not the names of clothing items, not the name of the material. The trends are the same every year. As subjects in world literature. How many are there? 14, I think? For as long as I can remember, the trends are military, minimalism, fur, men’s suit, Victorian era, denim. Well, merrymaking with flowers, which I suggest you just do not pay attention to . Powder shades and blue are always on trend. Blue and powder. Powder and blue.

The main thing to look at is the silhouette and combinations of clothing items. They have something that is changing. And why it’s dangerous to dress exclusively at sales. And why some old things become vintage fashion finds, and others will not get further than the attic at my grandmother’s dacha.

This fall, you will see that velvet is in the trend. So, this does not mean that you can buy (find in the closet) absolutely any velvet thing and look fashionable.It is much more important that velvet suits and dresses in pajama style, straight dresses that do not tighten the figure, oversize bombers and all sorts of coats, including kimonos (Oh, this is a separate, most beautiful trend).
Can I buy these things from another quality material and be in the trend? Of course, Yes.
(By the way, remember that velvet should be of high quality, without cheap gloss and not thin).
Is it possible to buy such a velvet thing and claim the style? Of course not.

Another trend this fall is the pleated skirt. Look at it (them).

What characteristics does it have, other than being pleated? How long is it? The floor? Short, knee-length? Pleating large or small? What do they offer to wear it with? What top, what shoes? To answer these questions, two images in the printed version of the magazine is not enough. Therefore, I recommend reading only online (for example, Vogue — there are many times more pictures, not to mention the sections that contain all the photos from all possible shows). And focus only on the recognized fashion gloss of the highest standard. With all due respect, in the magazine “Lisa” or “Home” photo shoots are not made to enlighten the audience. But only in order to flatter the tastes of the broadest possible masses. So you can safely meet there and here are such “successful” images:

Closing the question with the skirt: it should be a full MIDI. And it is most relevant to combine it with an elongated hypersize sweatshirt (hoodie) and a bomber.
Further. Denim jacket.Great. But you see that she hypercalls?

Leopard. Wonderful, I love the leopard very much and I urge everyone not to be afraid of it. But pay attention, the leopard-on what fabric? Maybe on silk? On the Jersey? Velour? No. The leopard will be on coats, shoes with a kind of “hairy” dressing, bags, dense, winter fabrics (something like a drape and wool).

Down jacket. Let’s see what it is. Not pretending to be a coat. Not trying to sit “on the figure”. But bright, voluminous, straight cut.

Far removed from these “elegant” coats on down, is not it?

Fur. These are fun fur coats, painted with flowers, birds, and God knows what else. And more practical and strict enforcement of the coats (all with a loose fit, three-dimensional). This is far from the dull products of the fur mass market, which tempts mink in installments for 2 years.

Bags with logos. Returned, dear ones. But look at the logo. This is a giant inscription that mocks itself and everyone around it (flavored with a blot, so that no one will think that you are serious).

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