His Majesty's dress-combination
I will call it, with your permission, slip dress. The word "combination", not to mention "nightgown", and oozes Soviet life, darned tights and the song "my dear accountant" (although it…

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When there are too many rules
I've been obsessed with rules and boundaries all week. I talk about them at a table in a cafe, read them in comments, hear them at seminars, and discuss them…

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About clothes and men: an interview with a psychologist on a topic I don't write about
At the end of December, I got the idea to talk to someone really competent about a topic that, whether you like it or not, POPs up in every second…

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When everyone is at home: how to dress for the new year for a friendly get-together

The most difficult thing (at least for me) in the new year is to dress for a “house party”. Well, or what else to call this event, when someone at home (or maybe you) gather family and friends, a sofa is moved to the table, the TV is turned on (for the first and only time of the year) and a pickled cucumber is cut into cubes for “Olivier”. And I will tell you that it is very difficult to choose an outfit for such a simple event (just think, you don’t even need to go anywhere).

There are no reliable helpers in the “building” of the image: shoes, bags, scarves (the latter I do not like very much, but sometimes it really helps).House shoes we have to wear is strictly not accepted. (How can we not remember the blessed Mexican TV series, where carefully coiffed heroines walked the corridors and stairs of luxury haciendas, gesturing profusely and without removing their elegant shoes). Here you will have to stay in socks or tights, and politely evade the friendly hostess, who is already handing you Slippers (it seems, great-grandparents). You also won’t carry a bag from the kitchen to the room and back, gracefully pressing it with your elbow. Remove the scarf in the hallway. And even more so, do not appear on someone’s doorstep at 9 PM in stylish sunglasses. That is, you only have a dress, or a set of skirt + top or pants+top. Decorating. And all.

The dress is also a problem. Too evening, too elegant dress, with a wide neckline, long hem or with one bare shoulder will look very alien between the cat, the table and the chair with a plaid. (Not to mention the dull bandage and guipure “classics”) But this is still half a problem. After midnight, the company is sure to gather for a walk, breathe in the new year’s frost. And then what? Here on stage will come warm boots. And not very well sat down on top of the dress down jacket. Still, you’ll freeze to death in the Elevator. Boring and inappropriate options:

By all indications, a sweater with jeans will do for a house party (and it’s not cold to walk, and it’s convenient to wash dishes). But it’s not a holiday at all. Although some manage to go to social events of an average hand like this:

Photo Vogue.ru
We’ll probably postpone the sweater and jeans until January 1. And we will try to pay attention to the following things (note for images with skirts: they will not suffer at all if you wear tight tights or jeans for a walk under them):

Prestasie, lurex socks. Yes, Yes. To some extent, they will replace the missing shoes. And in General, the glow, the festive mood, all that. At least try it. Wear directly on your tight black or brown tights if you choose an image with a skirt.

Attention-grabbing,” statement ” skirt or pants, or top. This may be the simplest thing. But-silver (for example). Or a top with feathers. Or a dress shirt made of metallic fabric.
Attention-grabbing bell sleeves – in these dresses or shirts, you will definitely not go unnoticed, even if you pay all your attention to the baked duck (and turn your back on the guests).

Kind to my heart sequins. Fortunately, they can now be found in any store. Just for a house party, you will need to dilute these sequins with something very mundane, like a sweatshirt or a t-shirt with the logo of your favorite rock band.
And under too elegant and low-cut dress, try to wear a t-shirt or a vest that is sad on the shelf. It may turn out very well.

You can also beat the dress combination:

And when I came down from heaven to earth, I learned that not everyone (Oh, not everyone) decides to wear a lace “underwear” top over a t-shirt. Well, if the new year is not a reason to try, then what? (Hint: sold at H&M, costs about 900 rubles.)

Do not forget about the Cape dress, which, with a successful combination of circumstances, will turn your jeans and t-shirt into a very evening dress (or the same combination).

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