How to choose underwear: the world's shortest instruction
This will be the simplest and shortest instruction on underwear. It's so simple and short that it makes me uncomfortable. Usually articles on this topic include a lot of points…

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Magazines: read correctly (and train on autumn trends)
I thought: it can't be that only fashion magazines are to blame for the fact that, following their advice, it is impossible to learn how to dress well and modernly.…

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How to choose underwear: the world's shortest instruction
This will be the simplest and shortest instruction on underwear. It's so simple and short that it makes me uncomfortable. Usually articles on this topic include a lot of points…

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Pseudo-office style, or how to dress in an office

We have big problems with office style in our country. Let’s start with the fact that no one really knows what it is, so everyone puts their own. On the one hand, under almost every post about clothing, you can find a couple of dozen outraged comments saying that “you can’t go to the office like this! We have a dress code! (as can be without tights, as can be so vividly, this bad tone and camping on D.)”. On the other hand, for office clothes (the same people, as I assume) take a good tight figure dress-case, often decorated with “modest” details in the form of ruffles, turn-down collars and sleeves-lanterns, a rather relaxed-looking blouse with a giant bow (and sometimes the blouse is also transparent, and under it a bra in plain sight) and a skirt with a playful flounce. And on the feet of shoes-hooves on a hidden platform or ballet flats. On the third hand, representatives of the banking and financial industry (and the rules of the dress code there are some of the strictest, especially in Western companies, they are long developed and prescribed in special instructions) regularly appear in public, although in jackets, but in very elegant and “feminine” blouses and blouses. It seems that the majority of the working female population takes my favorite image of a “Secretary from the province”as an office style. I have a good attitude to secretaries and to all geographical points.even Metropolitan ladies whose work is not related to office work can dress like a “Secretary from the province” (and they often do so). It’s like a mask in a Kabuki theater. You can be anything you want, but if you dress a certain way, you become a Secretary in the eyes of others. There’s nothing you can do about it. The only way out is to dress differently.
A Secretary from the province
In all this mess, I see the following method of restoring order.

First. We determine what exactly does not apply to the office style, whether it is strict or creative, or smart casual, or no one cares at all. It’s pretty simple. You can’t wear it to the office:

Transparent clothing that shows underwear.

Cleavage (this does not mean a V-neck on the sweater, but a wide and deep cleavage, flavored with push up).

Shoes on a hidden platform, as well as shoes richly decorated with gold, silver and rhinestones.

Ultra-mini skirts worn on bare legs ( not leggings or very tight tights, which is acceptable when you work in the creative industry). A tight mini is never acceptable at all. A-shaped, straight silhouettes-if the legs are closed.

Tops that don’t cover the stomach (well, that’s probably pretty obvious).

Fishnet tights (also obvious).

Second. We determine what is included in the strictest office dress code, to which many people unconsciously appeal.


Trousers (and even they are sometimes banned!)

Skirt just above or just below the knee

Shirt, blouse (only white or blue, without drawings)

Medium-heeled pumps

A sleek, low-key bag.

That is all. Understand everything. There are no dresses, no fancy blouses, not even bags printed with logos. And even the color of the suit can be strictly defined. Blue or black. All. If you have such a dress code at work, it is almost impossible to make a mistake. In the closet, you will have 5-7 almost identical suits and 10 shirts. Remember that a narrowed down skirt often looks better just straight (although it is more difficult to walk in it), and narrowed trousers are more elegant than straight ones. And don’t wear boots with skirts.

The third. And here’s where the fun begins. It turns out that 99% of office workers dress code, of course, is not as strict as described in the paragraph above. You and the blouse and the skirt can be longer or shorter, can dress, a turtleneck sweater, without a jacket, you can print and so on. Then why, for God’s sake, is it considered that an ugly knitted dress with a tight fit and a belt (and even without sleeves) is decent and belongs to the office style, but a leather skirt is not? Why can’t you wear a top with sequins under a white tight shirt, but you can decorate with a mini skirt with a flounce and a transparent blouse? All this is nonsense, of course. If you can come to the office in a blouse with ruffles, believe me, you can wear loafers or even slip-ons instead of “classic women’s shoes”.

Here are examples of what we mistake for “office style” or ” business dress code»

Svadebnye plat’ya: imperiya tsveta
Here everything is so bad that the heart rejoices. Boots should not be worn with narrow skirts and dresses. Or it should be high boots that cover the loose skirt or hem. Boots should not fit the leg. A belt is not needed for any of the presented dresses. I won’t even mention what kind of flip-flops they offer us. Shoes-hooves out. A silk handkerchief on your head and gloves are fine. It was about 50 years ago, see the Hollywood classic, it was just then being filmed. Can you imagine in what circumstances and weather you will go somewhere in gloves and a short-sleeved dress? Down the street? In the office environment? And most importantly, the sheath dress is actually hard to find. Something that doesn’t make you an orphan. All presented cases tend to this, and very significantly.

Another orphan, whom lovers of such dresses take for a strict business woman, not devoid, however, of figure and charm.

And this is probably a sexy cat that met all the requirements of the dress code. The problem is that the cat is visible here at 100%, and the professional is not visible at all. Although everything can be exactly the opposite, and the girl can genuinely wonder why she is not taken seriously. And this is either not an office outfit at all, if there is a dress code, or just a very unfortunate image, if the dress code is not strict.

A few more examples. Too tight dresses, bad fabric, a tight turtleneck with an “original” collar and a tight skirt with a belt, an incorrect, too thin cardigan, again, under the belt and again a giant bow.

And here is a list and examples of things that you can replace all the horror shown above, and get a promotion simply because the boss or boss, finally, will take you for “their”. And we are not talking about any special sympathies and blat. You just visually enter their circle. Or you will see that you are not working where you could, and will move to a higher class company.

So, beautiful and” rich ” combinations:

narrowed skirt (can be leather or suede) with a spacious thick cotton shirt

Narrowed trousers +wide shirt + pumps or loafers or slip-ons

Spacious, honest oversize sweater dress

Straight tight cardigan (not a rag that fits snugly to the body)


Loose sweaters

Elongated jackets and blazers, also quite loose

On Fridays, a narrowed skirt and t-shirt, why not. This is if you do not want jeans, but you can also use them, especially dark blue straight or skinny.

Look at the examples below and remember that if you can walk to the office as in the pictures above, then nothing and no one can prevent you from walking as in the pictures below. Or at least what’s bothering you isn’t the dress code at all.

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