How to dress women with shapes
A huge number of articles have been written about how to dress women with shapes. I do not have any philosopher's stone, thanks to which I can authoritatively state that…

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How to wear a fur coat, if you have one
Today I want to be very short and to the point, that is, without holivars and painful search through the bushes of veneers knocked out in a fight. As luck…

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Good — this is new
I will succumb to the magic of simple headlines. "Orange is the new black", "pants are the new dress", "Zara is the new Dior". The latter is ridiculous, but you…

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How to wear a trench coat

Тhe subject of clothing for the cold spring weather, unfortunately, contributes. Yesterday I sat on Tverskaya Boulevard and watched the girls pass by. Half of them were wearing trench coats. And 90 percent of that half looked very, very depressing. The “secret” of the image of a poor simpleton is simple (I think if they were shooting a modern version of the story of Eliza Doolittle right now, the Professor would find the heroine in this form): ballet flats, a pencil skirt and a fitted, short, belted and buttoned trench coat on top. At the same time, the trench is shorter than the skirt by 15-20 centimeters. Unfortunately, I did not find such a photo in the network, and I do not think it is correct to take photos on the phone or withdraw them from social networks. But you will look closely, for sure you will meet such an image on the street. So what to do with the trench coat?

The problem with the trench coat is that it, having a stable reputation as a universal wardrobe item, is not one. An actual ensemble with a trench coat can include (in descending order of success and versatility):

Jeans. This is almost always a good thing. Skinny, boyfriend, super-current, cropped silhouette.

Skirts. There are a lot of if’s here. If the trench coat is longer than the skirt (that is, it is already a mid-calf trench model). If the trench coat is not fitted (in General, it should never be fitted). And it is quite good if the trench coat is thrown over the shoulders (as street style bloggers do cunningly, and then we can not repeat this image and languish in anguish and torment, because it is so inconvenient to walk, and the usual way of wearing, when the hands are in the sleeves, the image if not kills, then greatly spoils).

The trench itself should be simple, well-sewn, without unnecessary details. Spacious, it should not barely converge on you. Sand or marsh-green color seems to me the most advantageous. Almost knee-length or mid-calf length. Fantasies on the subject of a short jacket-trench do not represent anything good. Wear it as casually as possible-tie the belt without buttoning the buttons or leave the belt untied, hiding the ends in the pockets. Do not combine a trench coat with a silk handkerchief-it turns out a nice flight attendant who has not been interested in fashion at all for the last 15 years. Look at the bad options:

Fitted croitrench buttoned with all buttons, combination with classic trousers all buttons + classic trousers a similar color, too short, buttoned again
1332866-1peretyanut and buttoned
As close as possible to a potential Eliza Doolittle Too tight too tight and short classic trousers
A stewardess with a handkerchief is a short-cut + boots-outdated (if at all it was in fashion)
short tailored trousers and buttoned up
If you are considering buying a trench coat right now, then think about a summer Park. This is a much more relevant option. Here even Burberry released a very successful variation, which is kind of like a trench coat, but already very similar to a parka.

And entertainment in the end. In the beginning (it seems to me that in the beginning), Miroslava Duma had this image: bold, rich, a little freaky. There is an unusual trench coat (because of the fabric), and a skirt in sequins and shades of green. In 2013, necklaces were still worn over the shirt collar (no longer worn). Deliberately simple, girly hairstyle.

Then someone decided to repeat the image. And here’s what happened:

Many people may think that the image is luxurious. Not really. Here appears a heavy bag in color and shape. Hooligan sequins turn into a serious and” adult ” jacquard. Strict hairstyle and glasses-and voila, we have an extremely serious (not to say with a heavy character) age young lady (regardless of the year of birth), who, obviously, refuses to keep up with the times.

This I not only to the fact that in complex images every detail matters (although who would doubt). My main idea is this: now the trench looks relevant with as much NON-classic clothing as possible: jeans, Chinas, vest, backpack, loafers, t-shirts, stretched sweaters, bare ankles, shoes with massive heels and socks, that’s all. And office classics (and without that not the most fashionable) trench turns simply into a Museum exhibit.

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