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Shoe dictionary
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His Majesty’s dress-combination

I will call it, with your permission, slip dress. The word “combination”, not to mention “nightgown”, and oozes Soviet life, darned tights and the song “my dear accountant” (although it was a little later). So, slip dress is undoubtedly a hit for a long time and will continue to be one. First, it is not necessary. I wouldn’t wear it:

— with lace (most of them, but I like the most modest option, without lace)

— with soft sweaters and cardigans (first, they have already been vilified enough by Western bloggers, and secondly (and this is more important), it is very much a boudoir style, the young lady immediately wants to return to the bed where she was lying so comfortably, and to cause such a desire, you will agree, is not always appropriate

– with a leather and denim jacket. It’s too rough

— with too much cleavage — too sexy (and, let’s be honest, owners of lush Breasts should think several times before wearing such a dress)

— too short — it would be better if the length was up to the ankle

— with high heels (again, too sexy)

– ill-fitting. Check in different lighting several times how the dress fits. If it is made of fabric that even the mannequin emphasizes the curves (which it does not have), hand it over immediately

Too boudoir
Too tight dress or too curvy figure for it. Think about whether you need it
There were imperfections even on a very thin girl. You can’t wear this dress
Now for the good news. Slip dress can be worn:

– with a bomber

— with a t-shirt under the dress (be careful if you have wide shoulders. Most likely, this option is not yours)

– with a coat or trench coat

– with a hoodie

— with jeans

– with cropped trousers

– with a blazer

– just like that: minimalism has not been canceled yet

If you really want a sweater, choose a sweater and dress the most simple and quite spacious:

And the option for the most daring, thin (very) and narrow shoulders (you need to fulfill, unfortunately, all three requirements, otherwise at best you will feel awkward, and at worst — others who take you from afar for a bear). But the option is luxurious!

I almost forgot. Wear — with a bra! Smooth, without a single extra detail, without straps. With this one. Tested it personally, keep. Sold in Intimissimi

(Anticipating questions, I bought my dress in Theory, here it is)

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