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Simple complicated things: jeans and t-shirt

The simpler the image, the more difficult it is to create. It would seem that you can ruin a combination of jeans + t-shirt? Since we are talking about the democratic nature of fashion, the principles of “beauty without comfort does not happen” and “feminine — does not mean simpering”, it would be logical to assume that this is the most simple everyday outfit — this is our philosopher’s stone, that is, sorry, the basis of the wardrobe. In General, it is. But in order for jeans and a t-shirt to elevate you to a fashionable pedestal, you need to observe not so few rules as it may seem.

First, let’s look at the bad examples to determine what to avoid (and what we see in everyday life most often):

Boring. Almost no accessories, but there are sneakers. We get almost the image of a runner at the stadium
When there are a lot of mimimis. Too childish drawing, even more spoiled by rhinestones and the cut of the denim vest itself
Jeans do not need these holes-spots, sandals are too feminine (and old-fashioned), glasses are also outdated (even European old ladies-aristocrats wear more interesting models), a lot of red color-things were clearly selected ” red to red»
The cat looks cheap and childish. Well, a sweatshirt also does not add anything good to this outfit
Here everything was spoiled by a) the decoration on the neck and b) the handkerchief on the bag. That would be good.
Examples that are already almost-almost, but not quite cool yet

Not enough contrast. Lipstick, nail Polish, maybe just a white t-shirt (which will set off your dark hair). Well, jeans are now better to try to buy and wear smooth, without holes and artificial scuffs
Everything is fine, but also a little pale. It would be ideal to replace sneakers with stable shoes or sandals, put on a watch or bracelet
Too feminine sandals. And the girl’s figure allows you to wear any jeans, so you can not cling desperately to the skinny
And finally, the images that I propose to look up to

What does this image do? The right jeans, the right t-shirt, fancy shoes, and a watch
Shoes and bag. Well, good jeans, where without them

This image would fall into the category of “almost, but not quite” if it were not for the contrast between the color of the hair and the t-shirt. And hair color and glasses
Now I will try to formulate the rules:

Jeans should not be torn. It’s not cool anymore, whatever Gigi Hadid or Cara Delavigne is wearing.

Jeans should be more of a straight cut, you can shorten them. Skinny is not exactly in the trend, but if they only go to you — then let them stay, it’s okay.

Classic pumps — this is the maximum of femininity that you can afford in terms of shoes (for this image). No thin-heeled sandals or beaded shoes. Sneakers and sneakers are also undesirable. They lead the urban image in the direction of sports-friendly. Usually this is only welcome, but if you only wear a t-shirt, jeans and sneakers (not supplemented with a raincoat, jacket or parka), then it looks boring. Shoes should be rough, bold, stable, bright in colors or design. Here is roughly such (all pictures of the with site

The t-shirt should not be tight and translucent. It should be cotton, you can with a bright print. But both the print and its content should be rough, a little protest, defiant, concise. Butterflies, flowers, beads and sequins should not be there. In General, white, gray and black t-shirts are the most win-win option.

Accessories. A watch is almost mandatory. No, you don’t need to run after a rolex (if there isn’t one), you can do with massive Swatch. Rings, leather straps, laconic bracelets-try on one at a time and all together. Perhaps all of them together will look the best.It is better not to wear anything on the neck — the t-shirt does not involve special tricks in the neck area. And certainly no silk handkerchiefs. Bag — almost any, if it is high-quality and modern, from a funny clutch to a roomy tote (and then I realized that I still need to write a post about bags — I will write, I promise).Dark glasses are very desirable. Let them also be not quite a classic: round, in a massive frame, bright coloring.

Now about the main thing. Actually, your appearance. For a simple image, the appearance should be bright. It’s okay if you don’t have Sarah Harris’s gorgeous gray hair. You can always go gray. A joke, of course: align the tone of the face, use bright lipstick, highlight the cheekbones. Be sure to make a bright manicure (here I quickly explain that I recognize any color of varnish, if it is not pearl, not “metallic”, not “French” and this color (one) covers the nails on all ten fingers). In the case of jeans and a t-shirt, you can not do beige or pastel colors. Red, wine, black, brown, dark blue-hands should attract attention.

Well, now that we have learned to wear this “simple” outfit in the most severe conditions (that is, without the help of additional items of clothing), you can relax. Here are a few examples of how a raincoat, bomber, leather jacket or jacket instantly remove any fears: such an image can certainly not be called simple.

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