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Style: large waves and small bursts

UFF. After writing this article, I feel literally like Alexander Vasiliev, a fashion historian. But it seems that nowhere is the lack of a theoretical basis more acutely felt than in the fickle and capricious field of fashion. We put things in order in our thoughts and understand why you can not wear oversize, but you can not combine things in one image of a single style. And Yes, you will finally be able to explain to your girlfriend why you do not like her shoes on a hidden platform. There are also chances to convince her that you are really not out of envy advising her to remove the bandage dress (and never wear it again).

My grandmother used to say that it’s better to be one step behind fashion than one step ahead. It certainly sounds. But, as in the vast majority of catchphrases from the category “thoughts of wise people”, there is a lot of force in it, and almost zero truth. Before determining where it is best to be (behind or in front), it is good to know that fashion is not some moving forward monolithic block, which, first, is clearly outlined in space, and secondly, presses all those who did not run away over the horizon or did not retreat prudently and humbly back to the tail, in the deep rut made by it.

In my opinion, there are at least three large layers in fashion. Or three waves. A big wave can last up to ten years (or even more) and, strictly speaking, it can be called relevance. It is impossible not to keep up to date and look good. This is where you can’t be behind fashion. Otherwise, you risk finding yourself in the company of heavily made-up aunts with an over-polar deep neckline, Packed in glittering satin.

The following long-term trends have been relevant for a long time and are not yet going to give up:

Democratic character
Hence follow the “new” rules:

do not wear jewelry sets;
do not wear “tone-to-tone” accessories — the notorious bags to match the shoes and nail Polish on the hands identical to the nail Polish on the feet;
be sure to mix expensive and affordable wardrobe items: for example, wear an expensive necklace during the day, with a white shirt and jeans, and not exclusively in full evening attire, including a floor-length dress and gloves above the elbow;
be sure to mix styles (that is, wear a delicate floral dress with a leather jacket and rough boots, a hoodie with pumps, a tracksuit with a classic coat, a classic suit with sneakers or a t-shirt);
be sure to mix textures: “democratic” jeans and “elite” satin, coarse wool and delicate lace, cotton and sequins;
do not get carried away with exaggerated sexuality: everything that fits you like a latex glove, it’s time to forget, because what kind of democracy and convenience is it, if half of the world’s population is forced to hobble on stilettos, constantly pulling down the decolletage and the hem that lifts up to the panties.
Hence the powerful trend towards identical models for men and women: yesterday’s mainstays of masculinity and femininity, such as the skirt and shirt, are now becoming unisex. It is because of this wave that we are constantly advised not to overdo it with excessive effort and elegance. An actual-looking woman does not fight a grueling battle for her appearance. After all, she has other things to do. Just think, in the days of “Big Hollywood” and grace Kelly, a woman in America and most of Europe could not open a Bank account without her husband’s written permission! In other words, you can imagine what kind of women Christian Dior and Hubert Givenchy created for and under what circumstances. And you say you forgot about femininity. We have not forgotten about femininity, we have forgotten about helplessness in the world of men, where only appearance, which inspires the desire for physical possession, is the only weapon of a woman.
Nicely. But – in history. To the fashion Museum. Now dress so simply funny
This is followed by a medium-sized wave. This trend, which is of the latest trend moved into the category of long-lasting, but they can be absolutely opposite directions relative to each other. Unlike those that make up the “big wave”. Let me explain with an example. The answer to the question whether or not to wear earrings, a ring and a pendant from the same set is unequivocal-no. And there can be no other opinion. But you can wear oversize, you can not wear it.

Shoes without heels are the same. Yes, shoes without heels are at the height of fashion and have been for a long time. But you can wear loafers, oxfords and birkenstocks, or you can wear pumps and “Victorian-style shoes” that have been profusely presented at recent shows.

Things in a sporty style (sweatpants, sneakers, sneakers, hoodies) – an indispensable thing, they are becoming more and more. But if you don’t want to, don’t wear it.

Freak-chic (layering on the edge of reason, luxury on the edge and beyond madness, vintage, self-irony, socks with sandals) – it’s not “designers are crazy, who wears it at all”, but a worldwide desire for individuality in contrast to imposed standards. The world from an economic point of view ceases to be a big factory where everyone goes in uniform and gets up “on the horn”. He again breaks down into small pieces, where everyone can work for himself, without reporting to his superiors, and therefore can dress as he wants.
Urban jungle. Fatigue with chic and the world of high fashion found expression in the fact that the lowest urban bottoms rose to the catwalks. The blue, cold blood of fashion-aristocrats, anemic from numerous intra-dynastic unions, boiled in a flash from the flow of blood alive, red and hot. This stream flows from the culture of modern suburbs, ghettos, the realm of poverty and teenage maximalism, and we are surprised to see the creations of Gosha Rubchinsky, Kanye West and the 200 Euro yellow DHL Vetements t-shirt that struck our imagination.
Above, I showed what is happening within this trend on the catwalks. Somewhat intimidating. But in the photo below, see how it is played by real people (Yes, bold — but alive):
No one forces you to wrap yourself from head to toe in sequins and velvet, or wear a ragged pea coat if you don’t want to. Nevertheless, it is necessary to know about the presence of these trends (at least in order not to blurt out something like “only homeless people wear sneakers with coats” in an enlightened society).

And the most capricious category: small bursts. Ostromodnye things that you can buy, you can not buy, depends on the soul of beautiful impulses and the size of the purse (if the size is small, things in this category-just what you can and should give up without any regrets). Because for the next season, these things are remembered with a shudder. That’s where Gladiator sandals are now? That’s right, nowhere. In boxes for sale and for charity. They were replaced (to, perhaps, just as quickly go into oblivion):

Shoes with strings-ties, a La ballet flats

Tutu skirt

Dresses are an exact copy of a silk nightgown (those with lace. Which without – in my opinion, you can wear for a long time, putting it under a sweater, then over jeans and a white t-shirt, then somehow-come up with)

Boots (I wrote about them separately) – have all the chances of departure (not this fall for sure, but then-it is quite possible)

Loafers and sleepers with fur

By the way, you can try to check the “small splash” for longevity (not the fact that you will guess, but there are quite a lot of chances), correlating it with the”big wave”. For example, is the dress shirt that we will all wear this summer democratic? Yes. Convenient? Yes. Natural? More than. So, for example, I will definitely buy it and hope that next summer I will flaunt it.

Initially, I wanted to write about another conditional layer, codenamed “province”. But then I realized that this whole “province” comes from a misunderstanding of the significance of the above described waves and mixing concepts. Here are the shoes-the hoof (“classical” in the popular sense, “louboutins” and “insanlarn”) – it’s typical small splash. And it is worn, worn, and worn. It’s funny, and it’s not removed. And platform shoes. And hat with veil.

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