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How to wear socks and tights: advanced level

While the weather is nice and cool and dry, it’s time to get sweaters and coats. And shoes on the contrary, do not remove. And in order not to freeze in shoes, you can wear tight tights, and you can — the same tight socks. Last time I showed the simplest combinations, now it’s time to go to a higher level.
Socks can be simple white sports, black, with a bright print, lurex or wool. The main thing is that they look new (it is clear that the hole on the finger of your internal fashion censor and so will not miss, but every time you check the heel for scuffs and pellets will not be superfluous). The brighter and more textured the socks are, the easier it really is: neither you nor others have completely inappropriate, but no less tenacious, associations with a collective farmer in socks with sandals.
Remember that if the colors on the prints are combined (or some color is duplicated), then the prints are combined.

But still, let’s look at more concise versions of socks. Once again: choose a noticeable texture. “Noodles”, wool, thick fabric-all this makes the sock not a poor relative (in relation to the other elements of the outfit), invited by necessity (as if the foot is not rubbed), but an honorary and important guest.
I like the open heel and toe:
Pro sports socks say that they are already a little tired. In my opinion, they could only get tired of those who regularly wore them (and what to say-people have the right to get tired of any trend). But for the rest it is quite relevant:

Here, it seems, even two socks were put on (and it looks amazing)
The sock is also very cute can look out of high shoes:
And finally, just black socks:

The most difficult option is retro tights. Someone even managed to revile these (one of the most bitter “fashionable” memories of my childhood: it is these x/b ribbed tights that my mother cuts off with a cry of “here are your leggings”, while leggings should, of course, be smooth and shiny and not at all from the hateful warm tights), someone found in the attic of my grandmother. They are not so difficult to combine (except that choose a more elegant fabric), it is difficult to overcome your own memories:

And more about tights. It turns out that we have quite a lot of different feelings for them. If many people shy away from the” grandmother’s “ones, then the” openwork ” ones (I’m already silent about those shiny ones with lycra) have been deposited in the memory as a symbol of future well-being. Literally English grammar, some perfect future in the past: by the time I turn thirty, I will have at least 10 bags in my wardrobe, a career and a country house. It was with this idea in mind that rather impoverished twenty-year-old students bought Vogue on one counter in a supermarket and a package of tights on the next. Well, this was all that could be afforded from that expected future life with 10 bags and a panoramic glazed office.

So, fishnet tights quite often recently seduce us:

And if you really want to wear them, then there is one little secret. They should be visible quite a bit. The longer the skirt, the better. 10-15-20 centimeters between the shoes and the edge of the skirt is enough. Here are not the most beautiful, for my taste, tights, but what a huge difference:

With a short outfit (well, quite an Amateur)
Much better with a coat below the knee
Quite well, when the edge of clothing is even lower (tights are already different, but the principle is the same)
Colored tights, when they are visible under a long skirt quite a bit, also become much safer:

And the final chord for those who have finished reading. If you are cold, do not hesitate to wear socks on tight black or brown tights (all the pictures with skirts above can be insulated in this way). In this picture, I do not like the image (I looked closely — the scarf is indistinct most of all), but it is clear that the socks are quite combined with tights.

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